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  • Sunlight Batteries USA Inc., was established in Greensboro, North Carolina, in an all-new 103,000 square foot state of the art climate-controlled storage and production areas.

    Sunlight team will focus on local sales and service expansion in both lead and lithium technologies across all industries, including motive power, semi-traction and reserve power applications.

    The new subsidiary and battery assembly hub of lead acid and lithium batteries for industrial applications will enhance Sunlight’s position at best servicing US customers with high-quality products, short lead times, and excellent customer service. Being in close proximity to customers allows us to offer quality products and quick order turnaround of 72 hours from beginning of assembly until ready to ship.


    • Located in Central Piedmont North Carolina with quick access to major interstate highways and multiple TL and LTL carriers and 3 major ports within a few hours driving time.
    • 17 easily accessible shipping and receiving loading docks
    • Over 200 finished batteries in inventory to ship within 48 hours of receiving an order
    • 25,000 SF dedicated to Lithium battery assembly and inventory
    • 300 KW UPS backup power system
    • Constant Clean air monitoring systems


    • Robot assisted assembly systems for Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion products
    • Three roller conveyor assembly lines for Lead-Acid products
    • Dedicated Raw Material racked storage systems utilizing state of the art SAP barcode and RF Scanning technology
    • All new state of the art material handling equipment including an 8 ton gantry crane
    • Epoptia Real-Time Production Management software
    • Dedicated SAP ERP/MRP Business Planning software
    • True lean production planning and scheduling


    • Computer controlled state of the art cell filling, acid circulation and formation systems
    • All raw material storage and production systems under one climate-controlled roof
    • Highly trained staff, including sales, marketing, operations, assembly, warehousing, engineering and customer service.
    • Focus on customer service, putting our customers first and ensuring that every phone call or order is a positive experience.

    Find out more about what Sunlight Batteries USA offers here!