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    New Technologies Director

    Dr. Foad Derisavi Fard is the New Technologies Director, Torpedo & Lithium Batteries of Sunlight Systems. He is responsible for directing and managing the production and development of lithium products and advanced technologies. Dr Derisavi joined Sunlight in 2019 from ATLAS Elektronik GmbH in Wedel, Germany where he served as Head of Engineering and Technical manager.

    Since 2017 he is General Manager of Advanced Lithium Systems Europe (ALSE) a Joint Company of Sunlight and ATLAS Elektronik.

    As Consultant and Development Manager he was responsible for establishing the advanced Silver Zinc technology at Sunlight in Xanthi and before that he worked as Head of Engineering of FRIEMANN & WOLF GmbH in Duisburg, Germany.

    Dr Derisavi holds two degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD from the University of Kassel in Germany. His investigations field were Volkswagen AG in Kassel, Dornier GmbH in Friedrichshafen and BMW AG, München.