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  • Sunlight ITALY was originally established in 2009 as an affiliate of Sunlight Group and has been operating as its subsidiary since December 2020. The company’s registered seat is in the Colognola Ai Colli area of Verona, while its storage facilities are located in Lonigo, Vicenza. Sunlight ITALY is SUNLIGHT’s second subsidiary and facility in the country, after Sunlight European Battery Assembly (SEBA), also located in Verona.

    Sunlight ITALY complements the operation of SEBA, as it is focused on facilitating sales, after sales, and customer services for local clients in Italy – end-users of Sunlight products and key accounts. Thus, making the most of SEBA’s assembly capabilities, increasing the company’s storage capacity, and minimising delivery times.

    Successful operations in Italy have established the brand name “Sunlight” in the local market as a synonym of quality, efficiency, and safety. More specifically, Sunlight ITALY distributes lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for industrial motive applications and energy storage systems.

    Sunlight-produced batteries are certified, fully comply with international standards, and cover all types of application needs – from simple motive and energy storage operations to more advanced and complex solutions. These include customer personalisation and other tailer-made applications, as well as development of battery management systems (BMS) with the use of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning tools. At the same time, Sunlight is also leading the sector in innovation, heavily investing in R&D and particularly lithium.

    The innovative design and use of top-quality raw materials, along with the expertise of our highly skilled and diverse workforce, guarantee the safety and efficiency of Sunlight products, as well as the delivery of optimal support from our specialised after-sales services department.