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  • Board of Directors

    Robby Bourlas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member
    Dimitrios Gkoumas, Vice Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Member
    Alexandros Manos, Independent Non-Executive Member
    Stergios Nezis, Executive member
    Spyridon Kopolas, Executive member
    Stefanos Kanidis, Executive member
    Lampros Bisalas, Executive member
    Michael Mastorakis, Executive member
    Ioannis Pantoleon, Non-Executive member

    Audit Committee

    Dimitrios Gkoumas, Vice Chairman and BoD Member, Independent Non-Executive Member
    Alexandros Manos, BoD Member, Independent Non-Executive Member
    Ioannis Pantoleon, BoD Member, Non-Executive Member

    Management Team

    Robby Bourlas – Chairman of BOD & CEO
    Labros Bisalas – Chief Commercial Officer
    Stefanos Kanidis – Chief Technical Officer
    Michalis Mastorakis – Chief Financial Officer
    Spiros Kopolas – Recycling BU Director
    Dimitris Naoumidis – Advanced Batteries BU Director
    Vassilis Gavroglou – Group Human Resources Director
    Tania Chadouli – Group Legal & Compliance Director
    Dionissis Malliaris – IT Director
    Christos Kartalis – Management Consultant
    Foad Derishavi – Lithium Product Development & Advanced Technologies Director

    Corporate Governance Statement
    Code of Corporate Governance