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OGi monoblocks

Sunlight OGi monoblocks are vented, low maintenance, lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. They are ideal for applications of high current and short discharge times, such as UPS systems, meeting high safety requirements. They are also perfectly suited for longer duration discharges in telecom, utilities and power plants.

Sunlight OGi’s special rod plate design offers high energy density in a compact footprint, long service life and good cyclic capabilities in industry-standard container sizes. The vent design and the low antimony lead alloy reduce water topping-up intervals and maintenance costs. Robust transparent containers facilitate visual inspection and the high integrity terminal design maximizes operational safety and permits fast and easy voltage and internal resistance measurement readings.

The products are developed by SUNLIGHT’s R&D team which constantly designs and evaluates new innovative solutions to better meet market needs based on the latest technological trends, industry developments and market feedback.

SUNLIGHT’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, such as Telecom and Power networks.

  • Proven, reliable, flooded lead-acid rod plate battery technology
  • Fast & easy installation
  • High reliability and robustness
  • Low maintenance – topping-up intervals approx. 3 years in stand-by operation at 20°C
  • Excellent for fast discharge applications with special high current performance
  • High resistance to chemical influences and mechanical damage
  • High energy density – small footprint
  • Choice of 6V and 12V blocks (4V, 8V and 10V blocks upon request)
  • Industry-standard size containers / compliant with DIN 40737-3 (dimensions part)
  • Long operational life
  • Recyclable battery

Certified Quality

  • Compliant with IEC 60896-11 international standard requirements for stationary vented lead-acid batteries
  • Compliant with DIN 40739 for lead acid stationary vented batteries with positive grid plates
  • Compliant with DIN 40737-3 (the part of this standard that relates to dimensions specifically)
  • Compliant with the safety requirements of EN 50272-2, IEC 62485-2 and local regulations

Positive plates

  • Rod plates with low-antimony lead alloy.
  • Proven design and radial grid structure ensure superior long-term behavior.

Negative plates

  • Pasted flat plates.
  • Provide perfect balance with the positive plates achieving maximum performance.

Molded from durable, high impact resistant, transparent SAN (styrene acrylonitrile) material. Permits visual check of electrolyte level and block condition.

Strong, opaque ABS polymer. Sealed to container to prevent electrolyte leakage.

Dilute sulphuric acid with a specific  gravity of 1.240 kg/l (maximum level) for long lasting and reliable

Leak-proof, M10 female, safety pole with brass insert.

Vent plugs
Proven, high integrity design. Equipped with flame arrestors for additional safety.


  • Flexible inter-block cable connectors.
  • Cable end covers permit voltage measurement.

Design life
15 years (stand-by float mode, 20℃).

Number of cycles
Approx. 1100 cycles (60% DOD, 20℃).

Topping-up intervals approx. 3 years in stand-by operation at 20°C.

Operating temperature
Permissible range -10°C to +45°C / Recommended 10°C to 30°C.

Storage time
Maximum shelf life up to 3 months at 20°C, 2 months at 30°C or 1 month at 40°C, before a refreshing charge.

Self discharge rate
Approx. 3% per month at 20°C.

  • UPS Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Railway applications
  • Emergency lighting
  • Transportation signaling


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