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    Meet KnoWi, the new innovative SUNLIGHT Battery Monitoring System for Motive Power Lead Acid batteries.

    SUNLIGHT entered the data driven analysis world, offering our customers a unique value proposition for their business. Convert your batteries to Smart Batteries with KnoWi, the latest and most advanced BMS in Lead Acid Batteries.

    Smart Data Management

    The key to improving the efficiency of your fleet and entire organisation is having performance data that is accurate and presented in an easily accessible and understandable way. This allows you to make informed decisions when making changes in operations and shows clear accountability for any battery abuse.

    What does KnoWi offer?

    1. Real time monitoring
    2. Measurement of all battery critical parameters
    3. Full-time access to GLocal platform thanks to stand-alone Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, without extra hubs and gateways.
    4. Awareness about fleet usage and cost control
    5. Live alarms to pro-actively amend procedures to avoid otherwise unnoticed damage that will reduce battery performance and life expectancy
    6. Recording battery data and presenting it in a straight-forward visualizations turning a standard battery fleet into a smart battery fleet.

    Choose KnoWi for your Lead Acid Batteries and you will:

    • Protect your equipment. Collect battery data in real time in order to improve operational safety and productivity. Alerts can be set up for a wide range of parameters if performance dips below the desired levels addressing problems pro-actively.
    • Maximize your battery service life. Identify improvements to maintenance procedures across multiple sites and track improvements. KnoWi gives the information needed to make changes in practice to help improve performance.
    • Reduce downtime, service and maintenance costs. The data recorded show clear accountability for any battery abuse. This gives you the transparency needed if something does go wrong with the battery as the problem can be quickly and easily diagnosed.
    • Local and remote monitor your batteries and forklifts from everywhere around the world. The data that KnoWi records is automatically captured and uploaded in our Cloud platform, GLocal, giving you a fully integrated and seamless feedback loop. From work, rest, charge, and cool down hours to opportunity and abuse cycle, the complete performance of a battery can be seen online. Recording battery data and presenting it in a straight-forward visualization.
    • Track and manage your forklifts and benefit from our AI tool which utilizes data and will select for you the most suitable SUNLIGHT Lithium battery to replace you Lead Acid one, with the highest accuracy according to Forklift Profile.

    The data that KnoWi records can offer:

    • Awareness and control on how you use the battery leading to improvement solutions, such as maximizing expected life and performance.
    • Involvement in replacing the traditional traction battery with a new innovative battery solution (Lithium battery)
    • Reduced overall cost due to reduced on-site visits for inspection, periodical checks and tests

    Your advantages with SUNLIGHT Smart Data Management:

    • Improved investment protection
    • Increased transparency in the area of the battery management
    • Exact planning of new investments
    • Improved operational safety and productivity
    • Flexibility
    • Possibility to improve efficiency and effectiveness

    KnoWi, our Battery Monitoring System for Motive Power Lead Acid batteries is ideal for you, if you are:

    – Managing Logistics centers & Warehouses with large fleets

    – Battery dealer who offers service and maintenance contracts

    – Distributing Rental Batteries

    – Forklift manufacturer

    • Advanced AI/Machine Learning algorithm proposals for replacement of SUNLIGHT Lead acid Batteries with SUNLIGHT Lithium Batteries with the highest accuracy according to Forklift Profile
    • Detailed and continuous monitoring of all critical parameters of your battery (SoC, Current, Voltage, Electrolyte level, Temperature)
    • Stand-alone Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity without extra hubs/gateways
    • Real time monitoring capability
    • Visual indications for quick & easy checks
    • IP66 rating for maximum protection
    • Entire fleet management both for Lead Acid and Lithium batteries through SUNLIGHT GLOCAL cloud management system
    • Battery Profiles and Forklift Profiles always live and active

    PzS, PzB, PzV, PzVB, EXTREME FORCE, BCIHydrosave.


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