Unique & Innovative Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System!

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  • Unique & Innovative Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System!
  • Unique & Innovative Cloud-based Battery Monitoring System!

    Meet Sunlight Group’s KnoWi, a unique and innovative cloud-based Battery Monitoring System for motive lead acid batteries

    Sunlight Group has dynamically entered the world of data-driven analysis, offering customers a unique value proposition: KnoWi, the market’s most advanced Battery Monitoring System (BMS). An innovative must-have accessory for Sunlight Group’s lead acid batteries.

    KnoWi, the future of Smart Data Management

    The key to improving the efficiency of your forklift fleet and entire organisation is having smart and accurate performance data, presented in a comprehensible and easily accessible way. Convert your batteries into Smart Batteries with KnoWi, the most innovative cloud-based BMS for lead acid batteries, and enable your transition to a new lithium-powered era.

    KnoWi is designed to help improve the management and performance of both batteries and the forklifts they power. It offers Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity to ensure constant monitoring and recording of real-time performance data that maximizes efficiency. And do so without extra equipment, like hubs or gateways.

    The data that KnoWi records is automatically captured and uploaded in Sunlight’s Cloud platform, GLocal. The platform records, in real-time, key parameters regarding the operation of the battery. And thus, it facilitates optimal downtime and maintenance, reducing cost.

    Enabling your transition to a new Lithium-powered era

    KnoWi’s advanced technological features also use AI and Machine Learning tools to make recommendations for even more innovative power storage solutions, based on battery and forklift profiles that record data on usage and power consumption. The collected information is aggregated and processed by a special calculator that suggests the most suitable Sunlight lithium battery replacement for any type of use.

    KnoWi Product Benefits

    • Real time remote monitoring and data collection
    • Measurement of critical battery parameters
    • Stand-alone Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, without extra hubs/gateways
    • Battery Profiles and Forklift Profiles always live and active
    • Improved operational safety and productivity

    Smart Data Management Advantages

    • Protect your equipment and investment: Collect battery data in real time, remotely and accurately to improve operational safety and productivity. Alerts can be set up for a wide range of parameters and proactively address issues, if performance dips below the desired levels.
    • Maximize your battery service life with optimized efficiency and effectiveness: Identify improvements to maintenance procedures, across multiple sites and track improvements. KnoWi gives the information needed to make changes, while in operation, to help improve performance.
    • Reduce downtime, service and maintenance costs: The data recorded provides clear accountability for battery use, and the transparency needed to address any battery-related issue, so that it can be quickly diagnosed and resolved.
    • Monitor your batteries and forklift fleet and control your costs from anywhere in the world: The data that KnoWi records is automatically captured and uploaded in Sunlight Group’s Cloud platform, GLocal, offering a fully integrated feedback loop. From work, rest, charge, and cool down hours to opportunity and abuse cycle, the complete performance of a battery can be tracked online.
    • Receive data to replace your lead acid battery with the most suitable lithium one: Track and manage your forklifts and benefit from our AI tools, which utilize data to select for you the most suitable Sunlight lithium battery to replace your lead acid one, with the highest accuracy according to relevant Battery and Forklift Profile.

    KnoWi, our Battery Monitoring System for motive lead acid batteries, is ideal for you if you are: 

    • Forklift manufacturers
    • Managing logistics centers and warehouses with large fleets
    • Battery dealers, offering service and maintenance contracts
    • Distributing rental batteries
    • Advanced AI/Machine Learning algorithm proposals for replacing Sunlight Lead Acid Batteries with Sunlight Lithium Batteries, with the highest accuracy according to Battery and Forklift Profile
    • Detailed and continuous monitoring of critical battery parameters (SoC, Current, Voltage, Electrolyte level, Temperature)
    • Stand-alone Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity without extra hubs/gateways
    • Real time remote monitoring and data collection
    • Visual indications for quick and easy checks
    • IP66 rating for maximum protection
    • Entire fleet management for both Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries through Sunlight’s GLocal cloud management system
    • Battery Profiles and Forklift Profiles always live and active


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