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    Motive Power Accessories

    Aqua Filling System

    A centralized piping system permanently fixed on the battery which quickly distributes the necessary water quantity to all the battery cells ensuring optimum electrolyte level and density.

    Airlift system

    A centralized piping system permanently fixed on the battery cells, delivers to them low pressure air (requires an airlift configured charger). This air is mixing the electrolyte solution with many and significant benefits for the battery life and its related costs:

    • Lower recharge times
    • Lower water consumption because of the significantly less energy required (down to 1,07 recharge factor) for the recharge causing up to a 60% water consumption saving.
    • Lower battery temperatures during recharge
    • An overall decrease in energy costs because of the less energy used.

    Blinky (Electrolyte Level Indicator)

    A great challenge in battery maintenance is knowing when to fill the batteries with water. Sunlight’s Electrolyte Indicators dramatically improve the battery maintenance procedure by intelligently alerting personnel when a battery needs watering.

    Without monitoring systems, operators must devise watering schedules or carry out weekly inspections to service the batteries.

    Sunlight Blinky and Smart Blinky Monitors reduce labor costs and increase battery service life by helping to ensure the batteries are properly maintained.

    e-GO (Battery Monitoring System)

    A cost effective way to monitor batteries

    Sunlight improves the efficiency and reliability of your forklifts by eGO3 Remote Monitoring System. eGO3 measures performance and identifies potential problems at an early stage so as to optimize your maintenance plans and avoid downtime due to unexpected maintenance or repairs.

    Designed for the most demanding environments, eGO3 is permanently fixed on the battery and collects useful information about the operation and the remaining service life of the battery such as cycles, temperature, voltage, electrolyte level, opportunity charging.

    Save Money

    • Increase the Return on Investment of your batteries by extending their lifespan
    • Save money on unnecessary battery repairs
    • Extremely durable housing so there is no need to worry about it

     Save Time

    Minimize the time spent on checking the battery electrolyte levels.

    Increase User Safety

    Minimize the time the user spents over the batteries

     Easy to Install and to Use

    • Ultra bright LED that can be seen from a distance
    • Extremely forgiving to installation errors.
    • Can be installed in practically every battery type


    PzS (DIN), PzB (BS) Range

    Series HF

    Filon Classic (50Hz)

    High Quality Lightweight Lithium-ion Batteries

    It took us years of experience to make a Semi-Traction Lithium battery that’s built around you!

    MotionGel Series (Gel Batteries)