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    Quality & Reliability based on Revolutionary Innovation
  • Lithium – ion Batteries
    Quality & Reliability based on Revolutionary Innovation

    The increasing demands of Material Handling and Logistics Industry as well as the diversity of applications of modern forklifts/ trucks require batteries capable to operate under extreme conditions and run longer.

    Sunlight Li.ON FORCE motive power range incorporates Sunlight Group’s vast know-how and long experience in the design & production of Lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications into a robust product destined for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistic.

    A complete range for motive applications of high safety standards. Designed with quality & reliability based on Innovation.

    A complete range for electrical Industrial Vehicles (eIV) with high safety standards. Designed with quality & reliability based on Revolutionary Innovation.

    With the promise of greater operational efficiency, Industry 4.0 adoption continues to grow and Sunlight Group has applied this new technology to Li.ON FORCE batteries range, enhancing the connection of operation stages, along with optimizing safety and implementing  a predictive maintenance program.

    Availability 24/7

    High safety standards

    Maintenance free

    Modular design

    • Maximum safety
    • Full monitoring and balancing per cell
    • Robust construction
    • Serviceability

    Battery Housing

    • Available in all sizes (standard DIN trays or customized upon request).
    • Retrofit in conventional trays of Lead- Acid powered forklifts
    • Additional compartment designed for counterweight to meet weight requirements
    • Durable housing allowing easy handling
    • Serviceability
    • Flexibility on special demand

    Battery Interface

    • Charging selection button: fast –standard-slow (with “ribbon”: sunlight innovation)
    • On-board State of Charge display
    • Single power-ON mounted on the battery
    • Two integrated power plugs for easier recharging without removing the battery from the forklift

    BMS Battery’s DNA

    Battery Management System Functions


    • Overcharging
    • Deep discharge
    • Overcurrent
    • Temperature
    • Short circuit
    • High current fuses (module and battery level)


    • State of Charge SoC,
    • State of Health (SoH) calculation
    • Internal Resistance
    • Errors/ warnings indication
    • Event logging
    • Data logger


    • Balancing function per single cell
    • Sleep mode when the battery remains idle (minimization of self-consumption)


    • Continuous monitoring of all crucial parameters (current, temperature, voltage etc.)


    • State of Charge (SoC) & status indication
    • External touch screen display (optional)
    • Communication with charger


    • BMS certified according to directives: EMC, EMI, RED
    • Designed according to IEC 61508

    Active balancing method

    GLocal Battery Intelligence

    Βi-directional communication


    • Battery monitoring
    • Safety
    • Maintenance diagnosis
    • First level maintenance
    • e-mail with warning messages
    • Identification of warning messages
    • Modify charge options on customers demand
    • Communication in 3 access levels | Sunlight  – Supplier –  Warehouse Manager


    • Innovation
    • Performance
    • Evolution
    • Quality
    • Future technology
    • Reliability

    Ideal tool for lithium ion batteries leasing Customized

    Business intelligence analysis

    eIV (electrical Industrial Vehicles)


    Li.ON ESS – Innovative & Unique Product for Energy Storage Applications

    Technology Advantages
    LiFePO4 one of the safest Lithium – technologies

    Impressively stable performance under harsh operating conditions.

    Optimal thermal stability leading to supreme cyclic performance and operation safety.

    Low enviromental impact as it contains non-toxic, non-contaminating, non-rare earth materials.

    Maintenance - free

    Long cycle life up to 4.500 cycles

    High energy density