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SPB | Valve Regulated AGM Batteries

The SPB range of SUNLIGHT Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries has been developed as an advanced series, to provide reliable performance in the Uninterruptible Power Supply, Telecom, Information Technology and Emergency Power Supply Systems.

The Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is a rechargeable battery type with a safety valve, which allows the internal pressure to be released in case of overcharge. This battery type is maintenance free as there is no need for topping-up during the entire battery service life.

The SUNLIGHT SPB range of VRLA batteries features models with capacity from 33 up to 200Ah.SUNLIGHT SPB batteries have been developed to offer competitive solutions to the demanding market requirements, with specifications focused on high quality and reliability.

The products are developed by SUNLIGHT’s R&D team which constantly designs and evaluates new innovative solutions to better meet market needs based on the latest technological trends, industry developments and market feedback.

SUNLIGHT’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, such as Telecom and Power networks.

High Performance
With low internal resistance and efficient discharge characteristics, SUNLIGHT SPB batteries can be applied to many fields, both in stand-by applications.

Maintenance Free
During the battery service life, there is no need to check the level of the electrolyte or to add water. The gases produced during electrolysis are almost completely recombined to water (up to 99%) through an effective reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Safety Valve Design
Excessive gas produced by overcharge or an incorrect charging method is released through the safety valve, which detects rising internal pressure and allows gas to exit; then automatically reseals.

Separator Technology
The Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separator, used in the SUNLIGHT batteries, is a highly porous material, which achieves maximization of oxygen diffusion and facilitates the reaction of active materials in the plates.The separator also maintains a constant distance between the positive and the negative plates and immobilizes the electrolyte, so that the possibility of acid leakage is minimized.

Wide Temperature Range Performance
SUNLIGHT SPB batteries operate within a wide range of temperature while the optimum temperature for the operation of the battery is 20ºC – 25ºC.

Low Self-discharge Rate
Using a lead / calcium grid alloy, the self–discharge is the minimum. The battery can be stored for 6 months under normal conditions (20ºC – 25ºC) with no permanent effect on the capacity or the expected service life.

Leak and Spill Proof Container
The construction of the SUNLIGHT SPB battery guarantees that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or case. A highly resistant plastic material is used, available in either standard ABS (UL94 HB) or flame retardant type (UL94 V-0).

Float Service Life
The nominal service life is 12 years in float / stand-by applications (20ºC).

Multi-position Placement
The sealed construction of the battery allows perfect operation in any position (vertical or horizontal but not in completely inverted position).

Certified Quality

The SUNLIGHT SPB 12V batteries are recognized by UL (File No MH18852).

  • The SUNLIGHT Manufacturing Plant is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001
  • The SUNLIGHT SPB batteries comply with IEC 60896 Part 21 & 22 and BS6290 Part 4.
  • As a member of EUROBAT organization SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. closely monitors the latest developments in the battery industry.
  • Products are 100% tested and checked prior to shipment.
  • The SUNLIGHT SPB batteries are completely recyclable
  • Capacity Range: 33Ah to 200Ah
  • Design Life: 12 years at 20ºC
  • Classified as: “Very Long Life”, according to EUROBAT guide 2015
  • Configurations: 12V blocks available
  • UPS systems
  • Emergency power supply in power generation plants and substations
  • Telecommunications and electrical equipment
  • Switchboards
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Broadcasting systems
  • Various telemeter equipment
  • Signalization
  • Robots, control equipment and other factory automation equipment


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