Reserve Power Batteries


Valve Regulated Tubular Plate GEL Batteries for Stand-By Applications

Sunlight Group’s OPzV batteries are characterized by maintenance-free, long service life, excellent reliable performance even in harsh conditions (high operating temperatures or unstable power network), thus providing a premium, efficient and cost effective energy solution.

Optimum design, according to DIN international standards, exclusive use of high quality raw materials, robust construction and state of the art manufacturing processes make this OPzV range the ideal solution for stand-by applications requiring high level of safety and reliability.





Long cycle life
Tubular positive plates, GEL form electrolyte and a unique sliding pole design, offer a design life of up to 18 years for 2V cells and 15 years for 6V & 12V blocks as well as more than 1500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge.

Outstanding performance and reliability
Products of optimum design with use of high quality raw materials, European state-of-the-art production facilities and cumulative experience on advanced submarine battery manufacturing ensure remarkable performance, exceeding values as defined by the DIN international standards.

Reduced maintenance cost
Maintenance-free design without water topping-up requirements.

Space optimization
Vertical and horizontal installation. Racks designed for easy installation, battery maintenance and optimal space utilization.

Operational safety
Extensive compliance testing performed under European and Global norms and verified by independent 3rd party certification agency.

Complete battery solution
Complete and ready to install systems with all the necessary accessories.
Also flame retardant containers and battery management systems are available upon request.

Design and production of customized products and services, high volume orders handling capability, fast delivery.

24×7 experienced pre-sales and after sales support, through SUNLIGHT Global Partners Network.

Optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Maximum lifetime value and cost efficiency. 

Certified Quality

  • “Very Long Life” according to Eurobat 2015 classification
  • Tested according to IEC 60896-21 and fully compliant to IEC 60896-22
  • Optimized for deep discharge recovery according to DIN 43539T5 Part 5
  • Full conformity to DIN 40742 specifications for OPzV cells and DIN 40744 for OPzV blocks
  • Compliant to the safety requirements of IEC 62485-2 for stationary batteries
  • Manufactured in SUNLIGHT’s European production facilities, certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001

Positive Plates

  • Tubular plate design
  • Optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy reducing hydrogen evolution
  • Red Lead in-house production by 99.9% Pure Lead
  • Dry Filling with Red Lead

Negative Plates

  • Pasted negative plates of grid design
  • Optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy
  • Robust construction


  • Highly porous woven material
  • Increased diameter with high Positive Active Mass (PAM)

Bottom Bar
Ultrasonic welding

Terminal Bridge
Manufactured with high quality, robust materials following certified processes


  • Immobilized in GEL form sulphuric acid with nominal density of 1,26 kg/l (20°C)
  • State of the art GEL filling equipment
  • High purity silica for GEL formation
  • Effective diffusion of GEL


  • High porosity grade material
  • Allow migration of ions during charge/discharge
  • More acid in the surrounding area of the plates

Container / Lid

  • Heavy Duty ABS Material
  • Optionally flame retardant (Class V0) ABS material
  • Thick wall container
  • Sealing between container – lid with polyurethane resin
  • 100% leakage quality control with high precision equipment


  • Pressure relief
  • Integral flame arrestor

Sliding Poles

  • Premium sliding design with brass insert and rubber seal in the lid
  • Hardness and acid resistance

External Intercell Connectors

  • Flexible
  • Copper
  • Fully insulated
  • Fixed with plastic head safety bolt and probe hole on the top

Threaded female M10 terminal posts

Internal Monoblock Intercell Connectors
Copper bars premium design

Pole Washers
Color coded pole washers

Backup power systems for base stations, cell towers & radio transmission installations

UPS systems
Critical equipment backup power supply & protection from frequency & voltage fluctuations

Power grid stabilization, power quality and reliability improvement

Power generation & distribution
Switches control & switchboards in substations connected to power generation line

Transportation signalling
Signalling systems, communication/control nodes in demanding environmental conditions

Emergency lighting
Lighting in critical situations when main electrical supply is interrupted

Automation and measuring systems
Backup power for measuring & high demanding automation systems


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