Motive Power Batteries

Xtreme Force (CSM) Batteries

SUNLIGHT based on the vast know-how and experience in designing and producing advanced technology batteries (i.e. submarine and torpedo batteries) has developed the Xtreme Force Product range based on CSM (Copper Stretch Metal) technology that is able to operate under extreme temperatures and can offer longer operating time through its higher energy content as well as faster charging through its reduced internal resistance.

The increasing demands of Material Handling and Logistics Industry as well as the diversity of applications of modern forklifts/trucks require batteries able to operate under extreme conditions and run longer.

The higher energy content of our Xtreme Force series, comparing to conventional lead acid batteries and reduced internal resistance, contributes to increased operating time of material handling trucks.

At the same time the excellent energy efficiency ensures lower operating costs.

SUNLIGHT’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of Industries, including Material Handling and Logistics.

Inter-cell Connector

  • Fully insulated flexible bolt-on cable connectors
  • Allows fast and easy cell replacement
  • Reduces time & cost


  • Plastic-head connector bolt
  • Touch proof insulated with voltage measurement point

 Battery Connectors (Plugs & Sockets)
Available in the following types:

  • DIN Type connectors according to DIN 43589
  • Flat pole connectors with color coding

Exit Cables

  • Insulated color marked cables
    Prevent short circuit and allow correct and fast installation


  • Made of steel
  • Protected with plastic powder coating (standard configuration)
  • Durability
  • Corrosion protection
  • Available in various sizes

Automatic Filling System

  • Top up of the battery’s cells from one central point through an integrated piping system
  • The automatic filling plugs ensure the optimum filling level of the cells
    Minimization of the required maintenance time and cost

Airlift System

  • A pump is used to circulate low-level compressed air into the cells and create a homogeneous electrolyte concentration throughout them
  • Optimum design and installation of tubes in cells for perfect sealing and efficient operation
    • The stratification of the electrolyte is prevented
    • Homogeneous density and temperature is achieved

2 Shift Operation
Our Xtreme Force Batteries equipped with Airlift are able to take full advantage of the fast and opportunity charging capabilities of CSM technology allowing the battery to operate on 2 shifts with opportunity charging.

Higher Energy Efficiency
Negative plates with CSM grid (Copper Stretch Metal) reduces internal resistance resulting in higher energy efficiency and higher energy content.

Standard DIN size – Higher Energy Content
Within the same dimensions with standard cells (fully compatible to IEC 60254-2) offer higher capacity and higher energy content especially useful in high rack facilities and heavy-duty operations.

Fast and Opportunity Charging
Our FILON FUTURE chargers enable fast and opportunity charging in 4 hours (when equipped with airlift) thus allowing multi-shift operation with one battery.

  • Cold storage / Outdoor applications
  • Forklifts operating in high rack facilities requiring more lifting
  • Heavy duty applications with demanding acceleration periods during operation from the forklift
  • Multi-shift applications with one battery through fast and opportunity charging
  • Seasonal business with high activity peaks


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