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MotionGel Series (Gel Batteries)

Sunlight Group MotionGel Series, maintenance-free PzV cell, is a tubular plate, valve-regulated gas recombination GEL cell series produced in our state of the art production facility in Greece, EU.

PzV type cells are suitable for use in storage areas of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products and meet the requirements of low to normal duty operation profiles.

Sunlight Group’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistics.





  • Minimum maintenance cost: Sealed type battery, no water topping up is required through the entire life time.
  • User and environmental friendly: with the electrolyte in GEL form there is no acid leakage and no danger for corrosion and contamination.
  • Operational flexibility: very low gas emissions, low ventilation requirements, expensive and big space charging stations are not needed!
  • Flexibility and interchangeability: corresponding dimensions and weight according to DIN and BS standards, safe and easy switch from old PzS to PzV battery.
  • High Performance: tubular plate design ideal for deep cycling loads, PbCaSn lead alloy, ideal for VRLA battery, active mass ratio, result in high capacities among similar market product offerings.
  • High operational safety and long life time: recombination valve with regulated internal pressure limits prevents the high temperature development. GEL electrolyte prevents acid stratification during daily charge-discharge operation. Both prolong life time.
  • Complete Product & Services package offering.
  • Minimal maintenance costs. Thanks to the integrated safety recombination valve, no topping up is required throughout the battery’s entire operational life.
  • PbCaSn plate alloy. The specially formulated plate alloy minimizes the water consumption of the batteries, extending its expected operational life even further.
  • Minimum initial investment costs. No need for special charging areas, as the gassing of the batteries during recharge is negligible.
  • Increased user safety. The electrolyte is encapsulated in the cells so the contact of the user with it, is practically impossible.
  • Flexibility and compatibility. The cells are fully compatible to IEC 60254 – 2 and they are direct bolt on making repairs an absolute breeze.
  • Uniform performance at each and every cycle. The gelled electrolyte completely eliminates acid stratification ensuring consistent performance and high operational life expectancy.
  • Available in any voltage configuration and in any container type or form required. As a general guideline the following battery configurations are recommended for commercial uses.
    • For 24V batteries maximum capacity of 600-650 Ah
    • For 48V batteries maximum capacity 350 Ah
    • For 80V batteries maximum capacity of 200 AhIf there is a need for a different configuration please consult with our representatives.
  • PzV batteries can be used in forklift trucks, cleaning machines and other electric vehicles which are operated in areas where sensitive products are stored under strict regulations that
    do not allow the presence of any liquid electrolyte.
  • Storage areas with limited charging space or without specially equipped charging station.
  • In low temperature product storage facilities.
  • Where maintenance-free operation is a must, either for practical or financial reasons.
  • Recommended for low to normal duty operating conditions.
    In the case of more demanding operations such as:

    • multi-shift operation,
    • 80% Depth of Discharge,
    • opportunity charging,
    • 8 hours charging periods, the capacity should not exceed 600-650 Ah for 24V, 350 Ah for 48V or 200 Ah for 80V batteries.


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