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Submarine batteries

Submarine batteries

Being equipped with robust knowhow and long-lasting experience in the energy storage sector, we are now ranked among the top global players in the design and production of batteries for all types of conventional submarines (eastern and western type), utilizing all available technologies.

Our innovative approach to the high demanding energy needs of this sector, our capability for designing and developing in-house new prototype cells for batteries, as well as new complementary products and accessories, such as the Battery Monitoring System (BMS) and the Hydrogen Eliminator, in combination with a specialized Technical Support team, makes us the best choice for submarine batteries.

The design and development of more than 25 different cell types and the delivery of 60 battery shipsets to navies worldwide are the strongest evidences for our expertise and cumulative experience in the submarine battery sector.

Different types of lead-based technologies are applied for the manufacturing of submarine batteries in order to meet the various demands and sophisticated requirements in terms of energy, performance and reliability. More specifically, the following technologies are available:

  • Long plate positive tubular plate / Negative plate lead
  • Long plate positive tubular plate / Negative plate copper stretch metal (CSM)
  • Double decker positive tubular plate / Negative plate lead
  • Double decker positive tubular plate / Negative plate copper stretch metal (CSM)
  • VRLA long plate (CSM) / Gel electrolyte
  • Tailor-made cells: all the above mentioned technologies can be adapted to meet the tactical demands of the submarines and meet specific requirements.
  • Western type submarines: U206, U209, U212, U214, U209P, U210, Scorpène, Agosta, Sauro, Walrus, Kobben
  • Eastern type submarines: Romeo, Foxtrot, Kilo

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