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    SUNLIGHT-ISO9001High quality is one of the elements that characterizes both our products and production processes of our plant. In this context, we initially established in 1996 the Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9002:1994.

    Foreseeing the need for further quality improvement due to the constant company growth, we updated ISO 9002:1994 with ISO 9001:2000 which was further updated with the lastest certification ISO 9001:2008. We adhere to strict management specifications, which contribute to the:

    Determination and implementation of various procedures.
    Designation of the necessary criteria and methods for achieving efficient operation, as well as product and production procedures quality control.
    Ensuring of the necessary resources and information availability for the support and monitoring of procedures.
    Monitoring, measuring and analysis of procedures.
    Determination of measures for reaching and constantly improving the planned results.
    Our continuous effort for improving product quality is key part of our business mentality, dictated by an ethical commitment towards our customers.