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    SUNLIGHT-ISO14001 As an absolute power source, nature is an important factor that determines our organization and operations. Our sense of responsibility towards the environment directly affected the design and expansion of SUNLIGHT’s facilities and positively contributed to the:

    • Preservation of region’s physiognomy
    • Effective waste and emissions management
    • Effective use of water and energy resources
    • Development and production of environmental friendly products
    • Safe disposal of different types of solid waste

    Since 2001 we have applied an Environmental Management system of waste, having been certified by TUV-Hellas, according to ISO 14001:2004. In this context, we supervise the daily operation procedures of the plant according to the strictest specifications of environmental management concerning:

    • Liquid waste
    • Solid waste
    • Gas pollutants
    • Noise
    • Water and energy consumption
    • Metals (iron, zinc, lead)
    • Cartons and paper