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  • Dear readers,

    It is with great joy that we present to you SUNLIGHT Group’s first Sustainable Development Report, covering the fiscal years of 2014, 2015, and 2016. In the context of our focus on the goal for sustainable development and corporate responsibility, SUNLIGHT Group is committed to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Ten Principles, in the areas of Human Rights, Labour Conditions, the Environment, and Anti-Corruption. This Report constitutes our first Communication on Progress regarding our adherence to these Principles. Moreover, the Report includes indicators from “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI) International Standards for sustainability reporting, as well as the connection of the issues included in its contents with the new UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    In celebration of SUNLIGHT Group’s 25 years of operations and having now fully adopted an export orientation, 2016 has been a record year for our financial results. The Group’s turnover has exceeded € 153 mil., recording a 16% increase compared to 2015. The company continued increasing its shares in every sector of operation, including industrial Traction and Backup batteries, Consumer – Cylindrical batteries and advanced technology batteries for defence, having a prominent position in most of them.

    In 2016, we continued investing in our factory with the purpose of meeting the increasing demand for our products. In addition, we strengthened our human resources with 137 new positions – a very important number both for our Group and for the local communities of Xanthi and Komotini, the regions that provide us with the majority of our employees.

    Circular economy is an integral part of our Group’s corporate philosophy and the basis of our approach to sustainable development. In this context, in 2016, recycled lead used by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT reached 58% of the total quantity of lead, while SUNLIGHT RECYCLING produced 15,600 tons, which were used for the production process of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT. At the same time, we launched the environmental initiative Green Mission, which aims to raise awareness among the public and the business community about the proper recycling of lead – acid batteries.

    Maintaining high ethical standards remained a top priority for 2016, in compliance with national and international laws. Having adopted the Corporate Compliance Code of Conduct since 2015, this year we implemented once more a new series of initiatives. The most important was our participation in the anti-corruption roundtable discussion held by TRACE International, a world-renowned anti-corruption organization. At the same time, with respect to human rights and diversity, we have improved our performance on employment-related indicators.

    SUNLIGHT Group’s first Sustainable Development Report does not only serve as an account on everything we achieved during the past three years, while staying focused on our objectives and vision; it also lays the foundations for everything we have pledged to achieve in the future, having as our main concern the respect to the environment, to society, to human rights at work while being focused on employee health and safety and on ensuring product quality and safety.

    With our best regards,

    Management Team