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  • Battery Manufacturing Plant: We aim at the biggest production facility in the world in terms of industrial batteries capacity

    Our manufacturing plant, located in Xanthi, Northern Greece, is a core element of our dynamic growth. We have systematically invested in the development of one of the most modern industrial units in Europe, in accordance with the strictest international standards. It covers 200.000m2, with indoors areas of more than 60.000m2.

    The manufacturing plant is certified for applying management systems for:

    1. Quality (ISO 9001:2015)
    2. Environment (ISO 14001:2015)
    3. Occupational health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018)
    4. Anti-bribery (ISO 37001:2016)
    5. Compliance (ISO 19600:2014)

    The plant’s four (4) high-end production lines:

    • Lead acid type industrial cells and batteries & Reserve Power Applications, both of vented & sealed technologies.
    • Lithium industrial batteries for Motive and Solar Power Applications
    • Advanced Lead-Acid batteries for submarine propulsion
    • Advanced Silver-Zinc batteries for combat and exercise torpedoes

    All the above are being produced using modern automatic production process, with state of the art machinery, under high-level process control and Quality Assurance. The key figures of lead-acid cells and batteries production (fully vertically integrated), which ensure the highest performance even form the first cycles of usage and the longevity of the batteries, are the following:

    • Red Lead and Lead Oxide Production used for Positive and Negative Active Masses (PAM and NAM, respectively)
      1. Same Red Lead and Lead Oxide for all the applications, industrial and advanced ones
      2. Usage of only 99.99% primary lead for Red Lead and 99.985% soft lead for Lead Oxide.
      3. 100% Red Lead for PAM
      4. Lead Oxide produced by Barton Technology, which ensures its best crystal structure and particle size distribution
    • Positive Grids
      1. High pressure die casting
      2. Sophisticated Double casting machine
    • Negative Grids
      1. Gravity casting
      2. Preparation of grids of CSM technology, also for industrial applications
    • Positive Electrodes
      1. Dry Filling Process for all the applications, industrial and advanced ones
      2. Weight control of 100% of the electrodes
      3. Usage of 100% Red Lead for PAM
      4. Fixing of the bottom bar with ultrasonic
    • Negative Electrodes
      1. Same NAM, automatically prepared, for all the applications, industrial and advanced power ones
      2. NAM mixing under vacuum, with online control of its critical properties
      3. Automated pasting, cleaning, and stacking of the electrodes
      4. Fully automated curing process
    • Cells Assembly
      1. Fully automated assembly lines for motive and solar applications, up to the cells palletizing, using Cast on Strap technology
      2. Ability for Hand welding
      3. Enveloping approach regarding the separators for motive applications
      4. Special microporous separators (in combination with lateral protected gauntlets) for solar and reserve power applications
      5. Leakage control of 100% of the cells
    • Cells Formation and Activation
      1. Fully automated formation, ie Jar Formation process with acid recirculation
      2. Fully automated gel filling process for sealed cells and batteries
      3. Ability for Tank Formation
    • Batteries Assembly
      Please see below, European Battery Assembly, regarding Production and Quality.
    • Spectroscopy and Chemical Laboratory
      The Spectroscopy Laboratory, being equipped with high tech instruments (3 spark optical emission spectrometers, 2 plasma optical emission spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometer), in combination with a fully equipped Chemical Laboratory, ensure (along with the Product Development Laboratory) the quality of raw materials, semi-finished and at the end the finished products on every delivery.
    • Product Development Laboratory
      A fully equipped Product Development Laboratory, oriented to electrical testing, in combination with the Spectroscopy and Chemical Laboratory, is the proof that Sunlight Group remains firm to its commitment to growth, research and innovation, offering continuous product improvements
      In the same premises, our Supply Chain and Logistics Center is being hosted in a total area of 8.500m2, having 6 loading ramps and 11.200 pallet spots.