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  • The Sunlight European Battery Assembly (SEBA) located in Verona, has an overall extent of 5.900m2, it further increases the production capability in motive batteries and offers even better delivery times to Sunlight Partners. The assembly plant is certified for applying management systems for Quality (ISO 9001:2008), Environment (ISO 14001:2004), Occupational Health and Safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007), Anti-bribery (ISO 37001:2016) and Compliance (ISO 19600:2014)

    Competitive advantages


    • Storage of raw materials:
      • 1,150 pallet places for Cells
      • Capacity for 50,000 items in stock
      • 1,000 pallet places for trays and accessories
    • Quality control of incoming materials: 227m2
    • Warehouse of finished products: 800m2 – 788 pallets
    • Quality control of finished products: 100m2
    • 3 loading positions
    • Special Recycling Area: 189m2


    • Two fully functional production lines with roller conveyors and one auxiliary extra
    • 3 Pneumatic Manipulator for lifting elements and placing them in metal boxes
    • Implementation of a system for electronic monitoring and recording of production
    • Installation of quality controls for each production line and workstation via an electronic program
    • Automatic leveling system for sulfuric acid in each cell
    • Special clamping instrument for connecting the elements together
    • Prepared Aqua – Filling, special wheelchairs next to the production line
    • Electronic scale as a part of the Conveyors, along the production line
    • Printed QR code on each battery with customer order information and quality measurements


    • Check incoming material in an appropriate space with special measuring instruments.
    • 4 check point on the production line and electronic error recording.
    • Extra charge on each battery, for immediate use.
    • Final inspection in specialized space by qualified staff on each battery.