Our History


Acquisition of the battery manufacturing plant located in Neo Olvio, in Xanthi, by GERMANOS S.A.


Design and production of dry cell batteries, using Zinc – Chloride –technology, which are friendly to the environment (without mercury).


Certification to ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance System)


Commencement of vertical production of submarine and OPzS/OPzV industrial type batteries

  • Certification to the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
  • Installation in Crete of the first interconnected photovoltaic station in Greece, with installed power of 168 KWp

New closed-type lead industrial batteries (VRLA) production line


Certification to OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety System for human resources)


Spin off the industrial sector from GERMANOS S.A. and establishment of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A company.

  • New production line for lead oxide
  • Aiming to produce 1,000,000 industrial-type batteries, by expanding the equipment (2 automated COS assembly lines, along with Inbatec machinery).
  • Installation of specialized systems in the manufacturing plant’s production areas, allowing in natural light that results in electricity savings.

Completed the expansion of the factory and the supply chain and transportation management centre in Xanthi.

  • Foundation of ALSE (Advanced Lithium Systems Europe) company through a joint venture with the German ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH
  • Continuation of investments in the production plant in Xanthi
  • Strategic redefinition of operations and focus on batteries
  • € 96.2 mil. turnover for SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT
  • 430 SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT’s employees
  • Launch of SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, a state-of-the-art European lead battery recycling plant in Komotini.
  • Establishment in the Xanthi factory of a dust return screw system, allowing the dust’s reuse in production and installation of a system for the air transport of lead oxide, resulting to reduced air pollutants in the factory’s work environment.
  • € 120 mil. turnover for SUNLIGHT Group
  • 565 SUNLIGHT Group employees
  • Certification to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) for SUNLIGHT RECYCLING
  • SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT becomes a member of TRACE International, the international organization supporting professional transparency and anti-corruption
  • € 132.9 mil. turnover for SUNLIGHT Group
  • 620 SUNLIGHT Group employees


  • Environmental initiative of companies from various sectors aiming to achieve proper lead-acid battery recycling.
    The Green Mission is a SUNLIGHT RECYCLING’s initiative.
  • € 153.9 mil. turnover for SUNLIGHT Group
  • 757 SUNLIGHT Group’s employees
  • Company’s investment in the state-of-the-art battery assembly unit in Xanthi
  • SUNLIGHT is the first company in Greece certified with ISO 37001 with regard to issues of compliance and anticorruption. The company has also received an affirmation of observance of ISO 19600 (Compliance Management System) for regulatory compliance.
  • 1.94 mil. batteries – new production record
  • € 194.5 mil. turnover for SUNLIGHT Group
  • 820 SUNLIGHT Group’s employees
  •  SUNLIGHT receives EMAS certification (European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) for its Recycling plant
  • A new Assembly Hub operates in Verona, Italy in order to better serve the SUNLIGHT partners
  • Systems SUNLIGHT absorbs SUNLIGHT Recycling, attaining better synergies
  • The main production facility in Xanthi Northern Greece is fully rebuilt with improved infrastructure and new machinery, after a fire incident that took place at a part of its production line