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  • Li.ON ESS – Innovative & Unique Product for Energy Storage Applications
  • Li.ON ESS – Innovative & Unique Product for Energy Storage Applications

    In a world where clean energy has become of utmost importance, Battery Energy Storage Systemsbecome an absolute necessity.

    Towards a sustainable transition to green electrification, SUNLIGHT offers a new Lithium-based Energy Storage System, Li.ON ESS. All new, with a never before seen efficiency Li.ON ESS is capable to support applications ranging from household, to industrial up to complete grid-supporting storage solutions. It is supported by our GLocal cloud for reaching, monitoring, and offering maintenance even in the most remote installations.

    Li.ON ESS is the most Innovative & Unique product for ​Energy Storage Applications. It is made to offer high added value experience to users in terms of:

    • Product: Industrial & Modular Design
    • Bi-Directional Communication / BMS / GLocal: Continuous ControlOperation Status, Feedback Generation
    • Remote Service Capabilities: Easy Maintenance – Massive Cost Savings
    • Performance:  Unique Features & Safety

    Why to choose SUNLIGHT ​for your ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM:

    A major manufacturer in industrial batteries, with representatives in more than 100 countries worldwide!

    • 20 years of experience in Lithium Chemistry
    • Modular, expandable storage solutions of 5kWh up to 200kWh
    • Compatible with a wide range of inverters
    • Equipped with GLocal, SUNLIGHT’s Cloud System for 24/7 battery monitoring remotely via PC, mobile, tablet
    • Notification, warnings, and alarms are sent directly to Clients and SUNLIGHT
    • SUNLIGHT is the first company to offer bi-directional communication over GLocal cloud, allowing for remote maintenance, diagnosis & debugging, eliminating downtime to absolute minimum
    • Ideal for remote off-grid installations with the unique technology of module remote disconnection in case of failure without interrupting the battery operation. Crucial for remote installations with low accessibility
    • Avoid the need for personnel on-site and massive cost and time savings due to remote maintenance & continuous control capability
    • Unprecedented battery service life due to active balancing BMS

    SUNLIGHT Li.ON ESS Client Satisfaction Approach:

    • Provision of extensive technical training to all people in any place by SUNLIGHT & customer service
    • Offering of 24/7 remote technical support
    • Fast service provision & modules stock availability at customer’s premises for immediate reaction in case of a potential malfunction
    • Module remote disconnection in case of failure without interrupting the battery operation