It took us years of experience to make a Semi-Traction Lithium battery that’s built around you!

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    It took us years of experience to make a Semi-Traction Lithium battery that’s built around you!
  • ElectroLiFe
    It took us years of experience to make a Semi-Traction Lithium battery that’s built around you!

    High Quality Lightweight Lithium-ion Batteries

    High Quality Lithium-ion Batteries with Capabilities Beyond Traditional Ways. Meet the new lightweight Lithium Semi-Traction Battery and experience outstanding performance, ultimate safety, easy and tool-less installation. The diversity of modern semi-traction applications grows and so does SUNLIGHT’s Innovative Lithium-ion Portfolio.

    SUNLIGHT presents the new lightweight Lithium-ion product range built around customer evolving needs. The new product portfolio offers high-quality products built with innovative technology and design.

    ElectroLiFe is produced and assembled in Europe and has both stationary and motive power applications. With its innovative design, smart diagnostics and cutting-edge technology cells, ElectroLiFe offers maximum safety, environmental protection and advanced electronic features.

    SUNLIGHT guarantees competitive life expectancy and quality of your new ElectroLiFe battery signed by its top R&D team.

    ElectroLiFe Lithium Battery Range meets and exceeds the power and energy needs in all types of golf cars, utility vehicles, AGVs, AWPs, etc., with quality that truly matches SUNLIGHT product signature.

    Key Features of SUNLIGHT lightweight Lithium Semi-Traction Battery

    • TOOL-LESS installation. No tools needed for connecting one battery with the other. It comes with quick lock and press-to-release terminals and it offers full protection and ultimate safety during connection of batteries and operation.
    • Remote monitoring of the battery system via our Cloud System. Smart App your battery with AI technology and take control through our intelligent GLocal App.
    • Easy tray opening for easy serviceability.

    Why choose SUNLIGHT Lithium Semi-Traction Batteries?

    • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic
    • Long cycle life Up to 1500 cycles
    • Energy efficiency, voltage stability
    • Optimal thermal stability, Supreme cyclic performance
    • Remote connectivity over GLocal cloud
    • Cost & Time savings, Remote diagnosis, TCO reduction
    • Maintenance free tool-less installation
    • Impressively stable performance under harsh conditions
    • Charging time ~ 1 – 4h
    • High energy density
    • Fast / Opportunity charging, extended service life

    Availability 24/7

    High safety standards

    Maintenance free

    Modular Design
    – Maximum safety
    – Capability of remote monitoring of the battery system
    – Light Weight
    – TOOL-LESS installation
    – Maintenance free
    – IP Protection: Designed IP67​

    Battery Housing
    -Available in a variety of sizes (Plastic Tray PC V0 UL94 listed​)
    -Complete Voltage Range
    -Replacement of monobloc Lead-Acid batteries
    -Multiple parallel connections

    Battery Interface
    -Detailed and continuous Monitoring of battery’s critical parameters (State of Charge, Temperature, Connectivity)
    -Remote Monitoring via SUNLIGHT’s Could System GLocal

    -Deep discharge
    -Short circuit

    -State of Charge
    -Internal Resistance

    -Balancing function per single cell

    – Continuous monitoring of all crucial parameters (current, temperature, voltage, etc.)

    GLocal Battery Intelligence

    from anywhere via PC, mobile, tablet

    NOTIFICATIONS, WARNINGS, ALARMS VIA EMAIL sent directly to Clients/Sunlight

    Track of Battery Data & History of Events
    Valuable outcomes about BATTERY behaviour

    Fleet Management
    (Valuable Information about eiVs behaviour)

    Up to 90% of the issues that may occur can be repaired through GLOCAL! This eliminates costs spent on visits, labor, fuel etc.

    Maintenance Diagnosis & Debugging 



    -Battery monitoring
    -Maintanance diagnosis
    -e-mail with warning messages
    -Identification of warning messages


    Leisure Marine
    e-Golf/ Hotel Carts
    Automated Guided Vehicles
    Mobility Medical
    Aerial Working Platforms
    Scissor Lifts
    Stair Climbers
    Cleaning Machines