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  • Mission. To tirelessly pursue knowledge through data and insights. Turn those into innovation which serve our customers and improve the lives of the people who are belonging to the ecosystem.

    Vision. To power the world through knowledge and become a source of empowerment

    Core Values 

    1. Innovation. Innovation is at the heart of everything we believe in. It’s a mindset that allows us to imagine a better future for all.
    2. Agility. We want agility to drive our way of working across all parts of the organization and the products we make.
    3. Integrity. Sunlight aims at creating lasting relationships, built on trust, honesty and integrity. One where we treat our partners and people with transparency and openness, where the decisions we make are both beneficial to our company, the institutions and the society.
    4. Value Creation. Value permeates all aspects of Sunlight. The value we create for our customers that use our products and to enable them to realize their ambitions. For our shareholders who are helping fuel our business and for each and every employee within the organization, who should always feel valued. For the society which allows us to thrive.
    5. Data Driven. To truly become a knowledge- based organization. Insights and Information that we can tap into to create better products and improve the lives of the people. With respect and care.