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    Reorganization of the Board as a Body Corporate


    Systems Sunlight SA informs their investors that Mr. Vasilis Billis after 6.5 successful years as CEO is leaving. The Company’s Board of Directors convened on 7 October 2019 and after expressing its gratitude to Mr. V. Billis for his contribution and efforts so far, proceeded with organizational changes thus appointing Mr. Robby Bourlas as the new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.


    More specifically, the restructured Board of Directors, consisting now of 9 members (Article 10, paragraph 1 of the Articles of Association), is as follows:


    1. Robby Bourlas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, executive member
    2. Dimitrios Gkoumas, Vice Chairman, independent non executive member
    3. Alexandros Manos, Independent non-executive member
    4. Stergios Nezis, Member, executive member
    5. Spyridon Kopolas, Member, executive member
    6. Stefanos Kanidis, Member, executive member
    7. Lampros Bisalas, Member, executive member
    8. Michael Mastorakis, Member, executive member
    9. Ioannis Pantoleon, Member, non-executive member


    The term of the above Board of Directors, which had commenced from the time of its election at the Extraordinary General Meeting of 28/1/2019, is set at 5-years and expires on 28/1/2024.


    Finally, according to the same as per above decision of the Board of Directors, there was a change in the composition of the Audit Committee which now consists of the following members:

    • Dimitrios Gkoumas, Vice Chairman and BoD Member, independent non-executive member
    • Alexandros Manos, BoD Member, independent non-executive member
    • Ioannis Pantoleon, BoD Member, Non-executive member


    The change in the aforementioned Committee will be confirmed at the next General Meeting as provided by the Law.



    ATHENS, 8.10.2019