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  • SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT: Course of growth and creation of new job positions in 2016
  • SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT: Course of growth and creation of new job positions in 2016


    The company SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, member of Olympia Group, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, continues its course of growth despite the difficult economic environment in the country, thanks to its fully export oriented strategy. Assisted by its healthy and dynamic corporate structure, the company contributes to the country’s balance of trade, strengthens its extrovert profile by exporting 98% of its production and also contributes to the increase of the country’s employment. As of today, the total employees of the company account for 750 from 620 in 2015, demonstrating an increase of 19% for the current year.

    Specifically from the beginning of the current year, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT proceeded with the creation of 130 new job positions mainly at its production plant in Xanthi. The significant increase of job positions is due to the large demand from the company’s international customers across the globe for the industrial products SUNLIGHT, a development that has signaled the company’s growth in even larger number of markets abroad.

    With the investment in new job positions and therefore the increase of employment, the production level at Xanthi plant has been doubled, thus covering the needs for energy storage systems in a wide network of industries from all over the world.

    Mr. V. Billis, Chief Executive Officer of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, stated the following: “Sunlight, after many years of systematic work, has achieved to penetrate 100 countries and create a fully export oriented profile. We are a Greek export oriented company which responds to the challenges of a totally competitive environment, among the leading producers of energy storage systems globally. In a period of economic recession and deindustrialization for the country, our company continues to invest in structures and human personnel amid unfavorable conditions. The fact that we strengthen to an even larger extent the 2nd largest production plant of batteries in Europe offers by definition a boost to the local economy of Xanthi and generates added value for the wider area located at the borderline of the country. We continue, with team spirit, to respond to the new challenges arising for the company and to strengthen our competitiveness and extrovert profile, by entering new markets and by ensuring that each additional step in our strategy elevates our objectives to an even higher level”.

    It is worth noting that the rapid growth of the company this year as well, follows an especially successful year, 2015, during which sales increased by 14% (from € 119.6 million in 2014 to € 136.6 million in 2015), whereas earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) rose by 31% (from € 10.2 million in 2014 to € 13.4 million in 2015). SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT is strongly focused on its goals, expanding the list of its strategic partners and strengthening its leading position in the global market with innovation positioned at the cornerstone of its strategy.