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  • “Preferred Supplier” for Global Organizations


    SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA, continues its development course by expanding the list of its strategic partnerships and therefore strengthening its leading position in the global market place. A new partnership with SIEMENS places SUNLIGHT as the former’s “preferred partner” at global level. The agreement resulted after a long-term evaluation of SUNLIGHT by the pertinent teams of the Customer.

    During the inspections in the production plant of the Company in Xanthi, Greece, which concerned the entire production procedure as well as the support divisions (logistics, customer service, etc.), SUNLIGHT fully responded to the high standards and requirements of the customer.

    The certification granted, was the catalyst in appointing SUNLIGHT as the “preferred partner” for the activities of the former globally and enlarged the Company’s prospects to undertake significant projects. In addition, through this agreement SIEMENS will take advantage of the high quality range of SUNLIGHT and of the flexibility and responsiveness offered, by a fully certified and highly recognized EU battery manufacturer. Already, SUNLIGHT has been assigned with the production of type OPzS industrial batteries for a sub-station project of SIEMENS in Finland.