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  • 2015 – A year of high performance
  • 2015 – A year of high performance

    • Increased turnover by 14% (EUR 136.6 million in 2015, from EUR 119.6 million in 2014)
    • Increased EBITDA by 30% (EUR 13.4 million in 2015, from EUR 10.2 million in 2014)
    • Increased production by 22.5% (1,291 million in 2015, from 1 million items in 2014)

    According to the financial results announced by the company, the end of 2015 saw an impressive increase in the FY 2015 figures of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, member of the Olympia Group, owned by Panos Germanos. The company’s steady growth is reflected in the increase of its turnover and EBITDA, parallel to the impressive growth in production. Spectacular were also the results presented by SUNLIGHT Recycling, generated from the recycling of 6.700 tons of lead.

    Specifically, in 2015 SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT achieved a significant increase of turnover by 14%, posting sales of EUR 136.7 million in relation to EUR 119.6 million in 2014. Equally sizeable was the growth of EBITDA by 31%, reaching EUR 13.4 million in relation to EUR 10.2 million in 2014.

    In 2015, production also reached record high levels, increased by 22.5% in relation to 2014, as a result of higher demand. Specifically, production increased from 1 million items in 2014 to 1.29 million in 2015, making SUNLIGHT the 2nd largest production factory in Europe. The growth in production was followed by an increase in human resources which the company has been steadily enhancing over the past years, currently counting 620 employees in relation to 413 in 2013.

    Also impressive were the results of SUNLIGHT Recycling which, during the first year of operation, significantly contributed to the results of SUNLIGHT by verticalizing production through the recycling of 6,700 tons of lead.

    The company’s firm involvement in the field of industrial batteries and its focus on a customer-oriented approach, have been the cornerstones for positive results and the overall growth of the company in the past few years. So far, 2015 has been the best year for the company in terms of developing innovation, strengthening its position in international markets and achieving strategic partnerships.

    Commenting on the financial results for FY 2015, the Chairman and CEO of SUNLIGHT Mr. V. Billis stated: “2015 has been another year of strong growth that is reflected in our improved financial figures and the expansion of our international presence by operating in 100 countries and cooperating with 500 international players. We will stay on the course of strong growth through 2016, with traction batteries, whose sales stood at EUR 89 million, as the core of our company’s growth. Our goal is to continue developing, producing and marketing high-quality batteries that will be the first choice of our customers in a globalized environment where we have long been operating to the highest ethical standards and producing value both for SUNLIGHT and our country”.