Xtreme Force Batteries
SUNLIGHT’s motive power batteries have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of Industries, including Material Handling and Logistics.

SUNLIGHT based on the vast know-how and experience in designing and producing advanced technology batteries (i.e. submarine and torpedo batteries) has developed the XtremeForce Product range based on CSM (Copper Stretch Metal) technology that is able to operate under extreme temperatures and can offer longer operating time through its higher energy content as well as faster charging through its reduced internal resistance.

The higher energy content of our XtremeForce series, comparing to conventional lead acid batteries and reduced internal resistance, contributes to increased operating time of material handling trucks. At the same time the excellent energy efficiency ensures lower operating costs

  • Reducing internal resistance
  • High tensile strength, corrosion resistance, excellent interface with the active mass
  • Long service life, high conductivity, increased performance
  • Consistent Quality
  • Increased operational safety
• Lead Acid vented type batteries with liquid electrolyte
• Advanced technology tubular positive plate
• Full product series with dimensions according to international standards DIN/EN 60254-2
• Available as complete batteries with various voltages ranging from 12V to 96V
• Fully insulated terminals  

Battery Technical Features
Inter-cell Connector
• Fully insulated flexible bolt-on cable connectors Bolt
• Plastic-head connector bolt Battery Connectors (Plugs & Sockets)
• Available in the following types:
• DIN Type connectors according to DIN 43589
• Flat pole connectors with color coding Exit Cables
• Insulated color marked cables Tray
• Made of steel
• Protected with plastic powder coating (standard configuration)

Cell Technical Features
Negative Grid
• Copper grid ensuring more uni- form current density distribution over the plate surface.
• Reducing internal resistance
Positive Grid
• Die Casted Grid using Optimized
• Lead – Antimony Alloy
• High tensile strength, corrosion resistance, excellent interface with the active mass
Positive Active Mass
• 100% Red Lead • Efficient formation ensures that full cell capacity is achieved after
• 3-5 cycles
• Dry filling Process
• Uniformly filled positive plates 100% weight controlled
• In house Red Lead production
• Constant quality, homogeneous tamped density
• Produced by 99,99% Primary Lead
• Long service life, high conductivity, increased performance
• Non woven, high quality polyester
• Prevents mass shedding, high mechanical stability
5 Bottom Bar
• Ultrasonically Welded
• Provides space for the unavoidable growth of the spine
Negative Active Mass
• In house production of Lead Oxide
• Consistent Quality
• Fully automatic Vacuum Negative , Paste Mixing process
• Highly porous Polyethylene, enveloped using mechanically crimped sleeve
• Increased performance preventing short-circuits
Formation & Activation
• Fully automatic Jar Formation process
• Constant quality in each and every cell
• High Purity
• Long life performance
Pole Terminal
• Innovative conical design of the pole sealing system
• Uses the unavoidable growth of the plates to press against the grommet and improve the sealing
• Tin plated 16 mm diameter inserts 11 Pole Bridge
• Cast On Strap manufactured pole bridge
• Consistent & uniform composition ensures superior connections
• Polypropylene reinforced lid thermo-welded to the container
Cell Container
• Polypropylene container with sufficient sediment space
Operational Vent Plug
• Electrolyte level marking, anti- surge baffle, free cell gassing
• Increased operational safety


  • Forklifts operating in high rack facilities requiring more lifting
  • Cold storage / Outdoor applications
  • Heavy duty applications with demanding acceleration periods during operation from the forklift
  • Multi-shift applications with one battery through fast and opportunity charging
  • Seasonal business with high activity peaks