Various Accessories for Motive Power Batteries

Following our co-operation with Top Field Suppliers, we provide:


Accessories - C0nnectorsConnectors

  • The cells are connected with fully insulated flexible cable connectors
  • Bolt-on connector design allows fast and easy cells replacement, thus reduce time and cost
  • Plastic-head connector bolt


Metallic Trays

  • Full compliance with international safety standards
  • Trays are made of steel, protected with plastic powder coating to prevent from corrosion (standard configuration)
  • DIN and non-DIN sizes, U, L, trapezoid shapes, standard RAL colors 7021, 9005, 1028
  • Small stock of DIN fast moving trays available at plant for short lead times


Flip-top Service Plugs

  • With electrolyte basket level marking
  • Allow escape of gases during charging process
  • Provide safe anti-surge baffle for the electrolyte during operation
  • Optional


Automatic Filling System Vent Plugs

  • Ensures optimum filling level of cells
  • Minimizes maintenance time
  • Reduces excessive labor cost


End Plugs

  • Optional configuration