Electolyte Level Indicator

A great challenge in battery maintenance is knowing when to fill batteries with water. SUNLIGHT’s Electrolyte Indicators dramatically improve the battery maintenance procedure by intelligently alerting personnel when a battery needs water.

Without monitoring systems operators must devise watering schedules or carry out weekly inspections to maintain the batteries. Electrolyte indicators allow watering on an “as-needed” basis instead of a “hit-or-miss” schedule.

SUNLIGHT Blinkies reduce labour time and increase battery service life by helping to ensure the battery is correctly maintained.



A LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK and goes out when water is needed. With a legendary reputation for reliability, Blinky™ simplifies battery watering and offers an ideal low cost solution for electrolyte monitoring. Blinky saves time and reduces labour cost.

Smart Blinky™

A LED blinks green when electrolyte is OK and red when water is needed. The Smart Blinky™ is ideal for batteries where the top of the battery can be seen. Patented Smart Sensing Technology eliminates false indication and maximizes watering intervals to prevent unnecessary watering. Available with standard indication sequence or 5 day delay option that senses when the electrolyte has gone below the level of the probe with the LED only turning red after 5 days. This option enables you to increase further the intervals between watering.

Blinky™ and Smart Blinky™ are easy to use and to install. They offer patented designs with a probe that can easily be trimmed for a custom fit. Both models are integrated with a fuse protection against excessively high voltage.

Saves Money

• On time maintenance prolongs battery service life

• No more dried out batteries that cost permanent damage

Protect your People

• Reduces employees’ exposure to acid

Saves Time

• Eliminates labour time wasted on unnecessary checking of battery levels

• Advanced technology that eliminates false indication

Easy to Use

• Bright LED, easy to see

• Variety of options to suit your requirements

Operating Voltage

  • 4.0V Nominal (Blinky & Smart Blinky)

Voltage Range

  • 3.0 – 5.5V (Blinky & Smart Blinky)

Nominal Current

  • 60mA (Blinky)
  • 2.67mA (Smart Blinky)

Connection methods

  • M10 stainless steel ring
  • M3 self tapping screw and steel ring
  • Quick Tap piercing option
  • Forklifts
  • Cleaning machines
  • Electric tractors
  • Lifting platforms
  • Electric vehicles