Electrolyte Circulation System (Airlift System)


The Airlift System is used in order to stir the electrolyte inside the battery cells and prevent the occurrence of electrolyte stratification. The system consists of a thin tube that is inserted to each battery cell and a tubing network that distributes the air to all cells, thus creating a homogeneous electrolyte concentration throughout them.

  • Optimum design
  • High quality materials
  • Suitable installation of tubes in cells for perfect sealing and efficient operation


  • The battery can be fully charged in 5,5 to 7 hours, depending on charging technology
  • No significant increase of the cell’s temperature
  • The stratification of the electrolyte is prevented
  • Homogeneous density and temperature is achieved
  • The water consumption is reduced up to 60%, which extends battery’s maintenance period
  • Overcharge coefficient is 70% lower, thus energy consumption is reduced up to 20%
  • Longer cell life cycle is achieved due to the uniform decay of the plates