Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

SUNLIGHT improves the efficiency and reliability of your forklifts by offering eGO! Remote Monitoring System. eGO! measures performance and identify potential problems at an early stage so as to optimize your maintenance plan and avoid downtime due to unexpected maintenance or repairs.

Designed for the most demanding environments, eGO! provides useful information about the operation and the remaining service life of the battery.

eGO! is mounted on the battery and continuously monitors:

  • cycles
  • opportunity charging
  • voltage
  • electrolyte level
  • temperature

Bright LEDs indicate the electrolyte level and temperature status of the battery. eGO! sends data wirelessly (via Bluetooth) to a PC or laptop, where it is summarized into useful information and graphs.

eGO! interprets data to provide essential service life information that can be used to monitor the operation of your batteries.

A summary of the entire life of the battery can be downloaded manually or automatically in less than 3 seconds to a PC or laptop.

Key performance indicators are measured and displayed in user friendly graphs. The downloaded data can be sent either manually or automatically to itagworld.com where they can be stored.

This data is used to provide information on the condition of the battery and on the remaining service life.