SUNLIGHT’s new assembly line in operation, for Motive Power Batteries, at its manufacturing plant in Xanthi

February 6, 2018

A new assembly line for motive batteries was created in our plant in Xanthi – Northern Greece. The new line, utilizing state of the art equipment, will further increase our production capabilities in motive batteries, allowing us to react faster in customer requests.

This facility has the following production specifications:

  • 2 fully operational production lines and 1 auxiliary line.
  • 3 manipulator robotic arms to raise the cells and place them in metal cases.
  • Automated system to regulate the level of sulphuric acid in each cell.
  • Special instruments for connecting cells to each other.
  • Pre-mixed aqua-filling in special wheeled devices alongside the production line.
  • Battery weighing with load cells on the line.
  • 33 employees for the specific department.
  • 63% increase in production.

The new facility has contributed to the quality of the final product with the following stages:

  • 4 check-points along the production line.
  • Extra charge for each battery, for immediate use.
  • Final inspection of each battery in a designated area by specially trained staff.
  • Special measuring instruments to check cells and case.

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