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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: Another distinction in the «Greek Exports Forum 2013»

March 29, 2013

SUNLIGHT won the second Industrial Exporting Company Award in the «Greek Exports Awards 2013» | March 29th, 2013

The Second Industrial Exporting Company Award was won by SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS S.A., owned by Mr. Panos Germanos, in the «Greek Exports Awards 2013». This award is another recognition and reward for the company’s dynamic exports profile. SUNLIGHT, having its headquarters and production facilities in Greece and exporting in more than 100 countries worldwide, is now considered as a successful case study «made in Greece».


The award was given on Friday 29th March, during the «Greek Exports Forum 2013», which was organized by the Diplomatic Employees Union of Economic and Commercial Affairs’ Offices and Ethos Media S.A. –under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Development, Competition, Infrastructures, Transports and Networks and the Ministry of Tourism– having as target to present and reward the Greek enterprises promoting the elements of productivity, competitiveness and extroversion.

The award for SUNLIGHT was received by Mr. Dimitrios Naoumidis, Director of the Advanced Technology Batteries Division who said: «This award makes us exceptionally proud as it is another distinction for our company operating in the challenging local industrial sector. All of us in SUNLIGHT, strongly believe that Greek enterprises have the potential and should be distinguished internationally and thus all of our efforts support this statement every day».


SUNLIGHT having as focal point its manufacturing plant in New Olvio Xanthi (Northern Greece) is operating for three decades in the global energy storage and power supply sectors, exporting 98% of its production and exploiting its dynamic in the global business environment.

The Company has an autonomous entrepreneurial presence in 9 countries, maintains an active clientele in more than 100 countries, while it is classified among the TOP 5 manufacturers of industrial batteries in Europe and among the TOP 3 manufacturers of advanced technology batteries globally. It’s main focus is to exploit all opportunities in markets with strong potential, such as America, Middle East, Africa and South Asian countries.

In parallel, faithful to its commitment to strengthen its exports activity by constantly investing on innovation and know-how, SUNLIGHT recently announced a new investment exceeding €20 mil., which directly strengthens its productivity. This new investment refers to the construction of the most modern Recycling Plant of Lead-Acid Batteries in Europe in a total surface of 4,2 hectares, in the area of Komotini (ΒΙPΕ of Komotini, Prefecture of Rodopi).