SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: Case Study in Solar Application (Asia Region)

December 20, 2014

Rural Electrification in Malaysia through Hybrid Solar System, based on SUNLIGHT RES Batteries Series


The Need
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and a leading utility company in Asia. TNB’s core business is the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. TNB has to provide reliable electrification especially at isolated areas in Malaysia, which are located far from the National Grid sources.


The Challenge
SUNLIGHT-Batteries-Malaysia-RES-OPzS-Rural-Electrification1In these communities, the usual energy source for electricity production is stand alone diesel generators. The main problem in this case is the extremely high cost of energy, due to the high cost of diesel and maintenance of the diesel generator sets.

In this context, after evaluating various scenarios, TNB has decided to install Hybrid Solar Systems to provide energy to off-grid areas.

In the remote area of RPS Kemar, at a site accessible only via one hour speed boat ride, they installed one of the biggest Hydrid Solar Systems worldwide in order to provide electricity to 16 isolated villages with total population of over 3.000.

The selection of Hydrid Solar System was preferred, compared to other options, as it:
• integrates multiple power sources, using intelligent controls to manage the system operation.
• increases reliability due to multiple power sources.
• offers economic & technical optimization, based on the configuration of PV, Battery and Genset.

The goals of the system is to:
• provide 24 hours reliable electricity supply to the user.
• reduce usage of diesel fuel & maintenance cost.
• maximize the uses of renewable energy.
• enable remote and on-site monitoring and controlling the system.
• have high reliability, with support/back-up whenever needed.
• gain low & optimized generation cost.


The Solution
Based on a load profile of 365kW max demand and 3013kWh daily energy consumption and the requirement for one complete charge and discharge cycle per day, the system configuration was designed as follows:

Component Configuration

  • Solar PV: 850 kW
  • Battery 4,800 kWh: 960 cells (2V @2500Ah/cell)
  • Bi-Directional Inverter c/w controller: 600 kVA
  • Diesel Set Generator: 2 x 350kW & 2 x 450kW
  • PV Inverter: 250kVA

SUNLIGHT-Batteries-Malaysia-RES-OPzS-Rural-ElectrificationSUNLIGHTs Premium Range of RES OPzS was selected as an integral component of this Hybrid Solar System. More specifically 960 pieces of Flooded Lead Acid cells, 2V 20 OPzS 2500Ah, have been installed and their performance has exceeded all expectations.

SUNLIGHT RES OPzS is a premium range, specially developed and manufactured in Greece (EU) for applications requiring regular deep cycling. It is a low maintenance energy storage solution that offers significant benefits in terms of cost per cycle, combined with the highest level of reliability and performance even for remote installations where long discharges occur and excellent recharging properties are essential. Optimum design, exclusive use of high quality materials, robust construction and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make SUNLIGHT RES OPzS batteries an ideal solution for demanding Renewable Energy Storage applications.


Results & Impact
The Solar Hybrid System, which already operates for some years, proved to be the optimum solution for Rural Electrification, financial and technical wise, compared to other options (e.g. grid expansion, use of diesel generator sets).

More specifically, the success story for this Hybrid Solar System is backed up by the following solid results:
• Renewable Energy fraction of the system is 99% and the remaining 1% came from the diesel Generator Set
• Solar generates more than 1GWh annually
• Fuel consumption savings of ~15.000 lt per month